Why 700 Credit Club ?

Consistent Innovation

We pride ourselves on constantly striving to be the best at what we do. Over the years we have developed various systems and methods that we have experienced great success with. Yet we continue to innovate, and are constantly testing new ideas and techniques to improve our service. Never relying on our past success, it’s relentless innovation that ensures we are providing the most effective credit repair service available anywhere.

Real Results

Unlike most credit repair agencies our goal is to get our clients results they need in the time frame they need, not just months of collecting a monthly subscription. With our service we focus on our clients needs goals by strategically putting them back in the driver seat of their financial future.

Our Elite Method

Your credit situation is unique and so should your Method. We do not blindly challenge information using the same method or language for every customer. We draft custom correspondence for your specific situation, addressing each line item individually, for every submission. All designed to maximize the success in the shortest amount of time.

We Offer more

Beyond credit repair, we offer a multitude of services that not only get our clients credit back in good standing our extensive list of services helps our clients stay educated by keeping their credit in the best shape as possible.

Monitor Your Progress

As part of our service we use a project management software that will allow clients to review and monitor their results. We don’t conceal our success, or lack of it. Login anytime to see the complete history of our work including where we started, the progress we have made, and the status of your account. Track each step of the credit repair process across all three bureaus, submit questions, and receive email notifications on completed steps.

Free Consultation

Even before becoming an actual customer we work hard to understand your unique situation to help determine if credit repair is right for you. During your free consultation a live representative will discuss your interest in credit repair, understand your goals, and identify what you want to accomplish. Then describe how our process works, what it will cost, and what to expect moving forward. All with no obligation and no cost to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As part of our commitment to you, we do everything we can to maximize your results. Although we have very few to no displeased clients but for some reason you find your self unhappy with your progress despite your participation, and we failed to provide our services for any given reason, you will be entitled to a refund immediately . It’s that simple, just give us a call. We care very deeply about the service we provide and stand behind it with this worry-free guarantee.

Our Approach

We operate from more of a concierge approach giving every clients the detailed customer service they deserve . We don’t hide our phone number, and actually like when you call. We appreciate your business and try to do everything we can to exceed your expectations every time you contact us. Its our way of making sure you’re treated the way you would expect. Your questions answered, your concerns met, and your needs handled as soon as possible.


Quite often clients will be eligible to receive special discounts on enrollment fees during certain promotional periods. These special offers may include family discounts, employer promotions, or other special incentives that are usually available for a limited time only. Call and speak to a live representative at  (800) 696-4054 to learn more about special promotions which you may qualify for. Sign Me Up