Who We Are

700 Credit Club amassed from some the most highly trained and knowledgeable experts in the credit repair industry. Our knowledgeable support team, as well as our  courteous client service staff, work with only one goal in mind- to help you improve your credit. Credit has become increasingly important in today’s world and all too often, people lack the education and professional help they require in this crucial areas of credit restoration.

Our Vision

Our founding vision was to develop a simple yet effective credit restoration service that would actually help make a difference in peoples’ lives. We brought together some of the best minds in the business and technological fields to make this vision a reality. The result is The 700 Credit Club.

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission was to set new standards for convenience and effectiveness in an industry not typically known for great service or a personal approach to customer relations. For us, the goal was not simply to provide a smart, elite credit restoration service – but to do so within the framework of regulatory compliance. We want to go above and beyond for each and every customer. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them!

Our Beliefs

Rooted in the belief of dignity and compassion for all consumers, we care very deeply about the service we provide. While quality and a commitment to results are at the core of everything we do, we never overlook what really matters, the respect and trust of our customers. You will always be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve.

 Our Customers

Our customers​ ​come to us from all walks of life. From successful business owners to celebrities, from professional athletes to everyday people. The recent financial crisis has created a butterfly effect, causing millions of consumers to experience some sort of harm to their credit reports and as a result their credit scores have damaged. ​With over 1.3 million items removed we still remain the standard in the credit enhancement industry.

Our Future

Since opening our doors 700 Credit Club has expanded to become one of the nations most respected credit restoration firms. While our minds continue to innovate and our company continues to evolve, we’re always careful to hold true to our original vision. For us, helping to make a difference in someone’s life is much more than just a novel idea – it’s our founding principle.