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The Art Of Transforming A Negative Past Into A Promising Future


With over 1 million items deleted and increasing an average of 150 points per file we strive to deliver the best results to our clients.


Dedicated to instilling trust, creditability, and value in all of our clients, 700 Credit Club is here for you!


With over 25 years of experience, 700 Credit Club has become one of the leaders in the Credit Restoration Industry and we are committed to continuing that same quality and excellence for you!

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What Does Bad Credit Cost?

Many Americans who have bad credit often find themselves in challenging and difficult situations. An individual can have bad credit from not paying their credit card bills on time or monthly mortgage payments on time or missing them all together. Thankfully, no matter what 700 Credit Club can solve those problems, we make life better!

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What to Expect

Most credit repair companies primary goal is to collect monthly subscriptions-Our goal is to remove negative accounts from your credit report and boost your scores. Most customers experience dramatic results, but what should you expect?

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"“Your service is great! My Experian credit report is all cleaned up! I can’t believe it! The other two bureaus are almost clean too. The past six months have been great. Ford leasing company picked up the lease for a $40,000 car easily. I’ve also gotten new credit cards with high lines of credit and low interest and zero interest on balance transfers. So far I’ve spent under $500 on your service. It has been worth every penny. You guys are just great. I’d recommend you to anyone that has a scary credit report! Thanks so much.”"

− Greg- Seattle

"I am so thankful for The 700 Credit Club, without them i would of never been able to buy a house for my family! When i started with 700 Credit Club my credit scores were in the 500s, and so was my husbands now they r in the 700s!! 740! I was able to get the best interest rates! I never thought i would be able to buy a house and with Key Credits hard work and advice i am a new homeowner!! They r very good at what they do and very nice people to work with, and guide u in the right direction. Thank you 700 Credit Club!!!"

− Susan-Atlanta

" I'm a professional athlete and during my whole career I always used cash and I never understood my credit and how it impacted my life until I worked with 700 Credit Club. Not only did they remove negative items off my reports they educated me on how to maintain my file and keep my credit in good standing. Also the concierge service is great!!!"

− Keon - Houston

"I was so pleased and shocked at the rapid results that I experienced here with The 700 Credit Club right from the beginning. Now, in just a few short months, my score has jumped 57 points shooting me from a poor credit score to a good one. I am well on my way to reaching my goals thanks to you guys. Thank You SOOO much for all you do!"

− Nakia - DC

"I just wanted to thank 700 Credit Club again for your hard work of putting me where I am with my finances. You have made my financial life so much more manageable. I'm in such a better place mentally because of your help. Thank you thank you thank you!"

− Rodney- Owings Mills

Maximizing Your Goals With Results

You need credit services that will give you the results you need in the time you need. Contact us today for your free credit evaluation and to find out how 700 Credit Club can give you results you need.

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It’s not just a credit file it’s a lifestyle. In today’s struggling economic and slow growth, your credit has become one of the key factors that control how you live, so allow us help you live the lifestyle you deserve.

Not Letting Your Past Affect Your Future

Unfortunately, the national credit reporting system and the process of credit checks and records are all designed to hold us accountable for mistakes and errors of the past that is preventing you from getting ahead. Allow 700 Credit Club to give you the new start that you deserve and help you overcome those negative marks in your past credit history to build a promising financial future.